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Bayswater is a very vibrant and cosmopolitan area. There are some hugely interesting facts about the charming town of Bayswater. Firstly, the name Bayswater was formed because of the corruption of Bayard’s Watering Place. This was initially recorded in 1380, It is said that the posh wealthy folk of London turned their noses up to the quaint area and named it the Wrong Side of Hyde Park!
Like so many  London area’s Bayswater spent most of the 20th century in deprived conditions. Where there used to be rows upon rows of dilapidated  houses which were either split into unsavoury accommodation or under serviced 1 star hotels. But now as we shift forward through the 21st century we see how our lovely Bayswater has Changed into a flourishing community of Arabs, Americans, Jews, and Brazilian populations flooding into its area. Along with this an influx of government grants, has helped Bayswater to make a complete turn around. Where is has transcended into a fabulous flourishing area with unbeatable character.

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