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    The first of many London Escorts stories. This story is just one of the many experiences our escorts go through and a daily basis.

    A Good Compliment Goes A Long Way

    An Escorts Story
    Sitting outside my favourite bar, having a Ceaser salad with a glass of chardonnay is always bliss for me. Especially when the Sun is shinning and I’m wearing my sexy short white summer dress. The building in front of the bar is being venerated and has scaffolding up. It’s a real construction site at the moment. There are always a lot of construction men hard at work.
    I get wolf whistles while I candidly eat my lunch and sip my wine. I don’t let it show on my face that I’m flattered and continue to enjoy the beautiful weather.
    Taking a final sip of my chardonnay the Sun is blotted out by a masculine figure. Two of the construction workers have decided to brave it and approach me. Their co workers seemed to have stopped their work to watch them chat me up.
    The two men looked rugged and well built, they both look Mediterranean.

    I said with a smile, “Can I help boys”?
    One replied “I just wanted to let you know how good your tits look in that dress”.
    “Thank you, for noticing”. I said.
    The other than injected. “I was wondering if they felt as good as they look”?
    I then smile then got up and made my way back inside the bar. The two men were hot on my heels and followed me back in. What’s next I thought?
    The bar was incredibly quiet for a lovely sunny afternoon.
    I walked straight towards the ladies toilet and open the door. The door slowly started closing behind me but before it could close shut it was stopped and held open by one of the guys.
    “So what up”? I said while biting my lip and unbuttoning my summer dress.
    “Are you okay with the two of us”? one asked
    “Yes, I’m intrigued”. I answered.
    One started kissing my neck, while the other softly squeezed both of my tits. I felt invigorated, excited and naughty all at the same time. I let them have me. They were both so good at touching me. I wanted all of them.
    I quickly got both my hands full and my oh my what big boys they were. I couldn’t wait to start sucking on their big dicks. I got on my knees and kept my mouth open while they wank openly above me. It was a wonderful frenzy as they both took turns to cum on my face. By the time I was finished with them, they definitely looked like the cats that got their cream.

    I am so looking forward to having my tossed salad and chardonnay tomorrow afternoon. and I sincerely hope maybe someone new will pay me another compliment.